Malaysian Skills Certificate Level 2: Module CU04 Pavement Work Coordination


Publication Date : 2024
Publisher : Advanced Micro Systems Sdn Bhd
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Language: : English Version



In the construction of a road, it shall ensure that the investigation into the capacity of the soil to ensure that the load capacity of the vehicle can be carried out firmly and resistantly. Soft soil conditions should be replaced or buried using harder soil and will be compacted using base layers in stages such as Subgrade, Subbase and Road Base layers on the surface of the soil layer using the assistance of machines and machinery. The upper structure is also something of a foundation layer laid on the surface of the top pavement. The type of pavement can be into several categories namely Flexible Pavement, Rigid Pavement and Interlocking Pavement Block. These pavement layers should be laid on the surface of the layer using machinery according to the suitability of the pavement used. The compaction of a layer in the construction should be emphasized in terms of the durability of the layer and ensure that the pavement layer can withstand the force to be exerted on the surface of the compacted layer. Usually, the surface of the soil area uses natural soil that has been compacted to be used as a path surface and the gravel is used as a layer spread over the soil that has been compacted to form a better and stronger surface.


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