Malaysian Skills Certificate Level 2: Module CU06 Slope Work Coordination


Publication Date : 2024
Publisher : Advanced Micro Systems Sdn Bhd
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The highlands or slopes are beautiful scenery and usually these areas are developed as tourist stopovers or exclusive private residences. In a land survey (Geotechnical) structure, highlands or known as slopes are an important area for a special drinking water need or catchment for the residents, wildlife habitat areas and usually these slopes are environmentally sensitive areas. The formation of these highlands or slopes is caused by Natural Slopes or Man-made slopes. A steep slope is an unstable slope and this instability can lead to the movement of the ground down the slope known as the failure of a slope. The failure of the slope can cause property damage and can cost lives and the presence of other natural disasters is also a cause of failure such as landslides, soil erosion and mudslides especially in areas such as highlands. Apart from geological factors (natural disasters) and the amount of rainfall, the development activities carried out in the highlands also have a detrimental impact on the slopes and the environment.


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