Malaysian Skills Certificate Level 2: Module CU01 Traffic Management Implemen


Publication Date : 2024
Publisher : Advanced Micro Systems Sdn Bhd
Screen Reader : Supported
Language: : English Version



The rapid development of Malaysia today contributes towards the overall improvement of the development of road construction. Most of the existing roads are unable to cope with the increasing number of road users. Efforts to upgrade, widen, and construct new roads are actively implemented in specific areas and throughout the country. Effective traffic management planning is crucial to ensure the smooth functioning of traffic at an acceptable and safe level for the general public, construction workers, and road users. Traffic management planning is a highly important sector that involves meticulous management of various goals and aspects, such as investigating traffic flow rates, understanding early site preparation for road construction, project timeline management, construction material management, machinery and technology, skilled labor, worker and traffic safety, communication tool usage, and planning to identify issues in construction projects. The road construction industry plays a vital role in traffic management to ensure improved and safe traffic flow


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