Building and Sustaining The Sources Of Competitive Advantage In E-Commerce Capabilities


Publication Date : 2024
Publisher : Advanced Micro Systems Sdn Bhd
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Language: English Version



The portfolio of three papers delves into the resource-based view (RBV) of competitive advantage within e-commerce capabilities. Research Paper 1 reviews competitive theories in e-commerce, contrasting external competitive forces with RBV theory, which posits that advantage stems from unique, valuable, and non-substitutable resources. The paper emphasizes the need for empirical validation of the RBV model’s application to e-commerce. Research Paper 2 conducts an empirical study to determine if e-commerce capabilities contribute to firm-level performance, finding a significant positive correlation. It suggests that firms must cultivate hard-to-replicate capabilities for sustained advantage, rather than relying solely on technology or outsourcing. Research Paper 3 examines the correlation between e-commerce barriers and firm performance, revealing a significant negative impact on performance. It underscores the importance of simultaneously developing capabilities to mitigate competitive disadvantages. The findings align with theoretical models, highlighting the vulnerability of firms to durable disadvantages. Overall, the papers underscore the significance of e-commerce capabilities in achieving competitive advantage, emphasizing the need for firms to focus on developing and maintaining unique capabilities to thrive in the e-commerce landscape.


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