组织者(Microsoft OneNote 2016) – Organizer (Microsoft OneNote 2016)


Publication Date : 2023
Publisher : Advanced Business Systems Consultants
Screen Reader : Supported
Language: : Chinese Version


本课程专注于教授学生使用Microsoft OneNote 2016进行信息整理和组织的技能。学生将学习笔记本创建、页面管理和内容组织等基本功能。课程涵盖标签、搜索和共享笔记等内容。通过实践项目,学生将掌握在Microsoft OneNote 2016中创建和管理个人和团队笔记的能力,为信息收集和整理提供高效的解决方案。

Disclaimer: The following ebook is a pure translation from the original English version, and as such, the textual content has been faithfully rendered in the target language. However, please note that certain screenshots or visual elements within this ebook may still be presented in their original English language format. This decision has been made to preserve the integrity of the original content and ensure a comprehensive understanding of the depicted information. We kindly request readers to take this into consideration while engaging with the translated material. If any errors are found in the ebook, please provide feedback to us. Your assistance is highly appreciated, and we will promptly make the necessary corrections.




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